June, 2013.


The Nigeria Institute of Potential Authors and Public Speakers (NIPAPS) was born out of the idea of a Talent Appreciation Concert (TAC), which was supposed to hold in the year, 2009, in a bid to encourage youths about their talents and also inspire budding talents on all aspects. Unfortunately, the Concert could not hold due to the enormity of what was required for the hosting of the Concert. There was a need to include an Academy to the hosting of the Concert after due consultation with Resource persons as Trainers of participants for the Concert. This resultantly made the Concert so elaborate and more than we could shoulder; thereby making me to hold on with the plan of hosting of the Concert.

Nevertheless, being burdened to really encourage talents, I thought of doing something related to the Writing skill, which is my area of specialization and something I can sacrifice to do for interested youths and so I started what we called “LITERARY SKILL ACQUISITION.” We did this for some months, after which we began a special certified Seminar on it as SCHOOL OF SUCCESS, with the name: Nigeria Institute for Potential Authors and Public Speakers (NIPAPS); it was occasionally organised as a one week programme for the period it lasted. The last one organised was in the year, 2013.

It was after the last School of Success that I began to see the need to establish NIPAPS as a full Institute, where Authors and Public Speakers will be effectively trained. Thus, we had the first set in the year, 2014 and ever then, we have continued to hold it as a six-month intensive training with graduation and the award of certificate.



Teaching the rudiments in literary expression and public speaking.


Inspiring the literary skills of potential Authors and Public Speakers.


To encourage in every individual the interest for acquiring literary skills and in the process raise potential Authors and Public Speakers with literary competence, who will further contribute to National development through utilizing literary skill.


Our faculty of learning is related only to the literary skills and experiences that are necessary for any potential Author and Public Speaker to realise his or her potential in literary expression, both in writing and speech.

We also provide support programme to our students for the realisation of their potential and to further inspire their aspirations as Authors and Public Speakers. This support programme includes:

  • Editing
  • Publishing of maiden edition at subsidized cost
  • Mentoring opportunities etc

Also, interested students, who have completed their course of studies with NIPAPS can be enrolled as members of the Nigeria Institute of Professional Authors and Public Speakers (NIPAPS), the professional wing of the Institute, where we update our skills by learning current trends in writing and public speaking through sharing experiences and employing the service of notable professionals in the form of Seminars/Conferences.

Our fees are moderate with ease of payment













The faculty members of NIPAPS comprise experienced individuals as lecturers, some of whom are Guest Lecturers with NIPAPS drawn from notable Universities within the country.


Candidates qualified to be students in the NIPAPS training programme include




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